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    Book Recommendation?

    Anyone have a book recommendation for me? I am not a complete newbie in a *nix environment, but what I want to learn are the standard "guts" of a system. Namely, how are files organized? Like what goes in /etc, what goes in /usr, etc. What files control what settings? Where do you install applications? How do you uninstall them? Also, some basics on home networking would be good. As far as the GUI, some basics about the different environments (KDE, Gnome, etc.) would be nice.

    Preferably something that's not specific to any distro, although I haven't installed anything yet so I'm open to learning on one distro before moving on to one of my own choice.

    I'm definitely more comfortable in the Windows environment but looking to migrate to do software development on Linux. So any "Linux for Windows users" type info would be good too.


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    For anything else, you can use Google For Linux, search the forums, or just ask

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you!

    Thanks for the link serz, that's really good.

    And yeah, I really should have searched first. It looks like "Running Linux" will be a good start for me.

    Thanks again.

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    I'd like to reccomend this one:

    Special Edition Using Linux®, Sixth Edition
    By David Bandel, Robert Napier

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    Linux book name

    Theres a comprehensive book called

    sams teach yourself linux programming in 24 hours

    Soft cover.

    527 pp.

    includes CD containing programming examples and a copy of Linux.

    Written by W. Gay.

    ISBN: 0-672-31582-3

    For a more complete description check out the publishers website:

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