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    screen resolution problem in fc3

    Hi, I just installed fc3 on my laptop (my first linux) and I cant seem to get the resolution higher than 800*600. I have a ATI mobility raedon 9700 and downloaded the newest linux drivers from the ATI homepage.

    What happens when I try to enhance the resolution is that I get several desktops stacked side by side. Itīs like It doesnīt understand my screen size or something. At 1400*1050 I get 4 equal desktop images like a 2x2 table on my screen.

    Also at the configuration I canīt find my 9700 card, so I choose the 9600 card, but this shouldnīt cause this problem...or? It isnīt able to detect my display type either, but the default LCD display option should work I think.


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    i think the problem is with the monitor setting. i have a similar problem on my hp laptop. i think you need to specify a monitor. try setting it to generic lcd or something
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    yes, hmm but it when i choose that option from the list (or any other option) it doesnīt allow me to click the apply button. It isnīt highlighted.

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