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    Which distribution...

    I've been working with College Linux for about a week, decided that I really want to stick with Linux but I'm hoping to find a distribution that comes with some newer software. I'm trying to set up a database webserver from my house and the particular databse I need to use requires the following:

    A dedicated (server) machine.

    Linux or Windows, or any system capable of running all of below.

    A servlet container, Tomcat ( 4.1.30+ recommended.

    (A http server, Apache 2.0+ recommended. NOT REQUIRED however, Tomcat can do the job for you)

    Database server. MySQL 4.1.3 Beta+ recommended. YOU NEED a server that supports SQL sub-queries (unless you want to modify the source)

    Java SDK (J2SE/J2EE) 1.4.2_0x+. There's no getting around this one. Might work with 1.5.0 beta, but not tested.

    ANT for compiling the source (

    A text editor (any will do that doesn't messs up newlines or add strange characters (like vim, Emacs, etc) (DON'T USE PICO))
    My main concern is to find a release that has MySQL 4.1.3+ packaged with it, since that is where I got stuck with College Linux, all was fine until I needed to upgrade MySQL and I threw everything out of whack.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to what might best suit my needs? Once I get this running I'll never have to touch it again, wont be worried about upgrades or anything, I just need to get this running the 1st time.


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    If you click on a distro, that will brng you to a page that has all of the packages listed.
    I recommend SUSE.

    What strange characters do you get when using text editors?
    I use use vi all of the time and I haven't seen any strange characters.

    Try typing "man vi" or whatever text editor you want to learn about. And you will get a boatload of info about the subject.

    Hope this helps.
    If you want to learn more about linux take a linux journey
    Use CODE tags when posting output of commands. Thank you.

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    That is perfect, great link for what I needed to know. Wish I would have found that one last week. Many thanks budman.

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