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Thread: fc3 md5sum

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    fc3 md5sum

    hey all,
    im not sure this is strictly a "linux" newbie question, but...
    I've never really bother with checksums before, call it laziness. But I dl'd the dvd iso of fc3 from a mirror at berkley i think, and when i went to run md5sum, the cursor just went down a line and i couldnt get out of it. I tried q, x, ctrl-q, ctrl-break, etc., but to no avail. I finally just closed my console window. I then went to kbe3, and it found the checksum, which did not match the listed one on fedora's site. Now, I obviously dont know a whole lot about md5sum, and admit this might, or is probablly, a PEBKAC, but any tips on this? Im using SuSE9.2 pro now, and wanted to install fc3 on another partition and configure it as a LAMP server, just to fool around. I did notice that the dvd iso isnt available on the actual fedora server, so im wondering if thats part of the prob. Thanks in advance, I know this is a bit of a vague question...

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    If the checksums don't match, you have a corrupted ISO. You'll need to download it again and recheck.
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