The only mainstream distro that I can think of without a GUI standard is Gentoo, which requires you to compile your WM before you can use it.

As far as getting your stuff working with, say, ndiswrapper, the commands are uberly simple:

Copy your .sys and .inf files over. Also your ndiswrapper source.

cd /path/to/ndiswrapper
make install
cd /path/to/driver/files
ndiswrapper -i [file].inf
modprobe ndiswrapper
iwconfig wlan0 essid <SSID Here>
iwconfig wlan0 key <WEP Key Here> <-- Only if you use WEP
dhcpcd -t 5 wlan0
There you have it :-p.

And you'd have to set up Samba in whatever distro you use, to access Windows stuff.

SuSE is very user-friendly, and as I said, I never had any problems with it. Also, YaST (the package management system) is very easy to use.

But yeah. Try LiveCDs before deciding on anything.