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Hi, somebody plz help me!! Iím newbie and after a little word on linux graphical env (KDE) I decided to install linux in text mode, now I have some question ...
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    Plz help in connect!!!

    Hi, somebody plz help me!!
    Iím newbie and after a little word on linux graphical env (KDE) I decided to install linux in text mode, now I have some question about it.
    1) Can I install linux with KDE or GNOME but donít set them as default which every time at boot, I see text mode and if I wanted run GUI with startx and then close it? [What exactly startx run when I didnít install KDE or GNOME?!!]
    2) Can I see the pictures in text mode and if, whatís the command or pack? [and possibly can I listen to music in text mode?!!! ]
    3) How can I create dial up connection and dial it or D/C it? [*** and how can i see the time that i connected to internet through dial up and my connection speed? coz u know in windows simply with just double click on connected monitorís icon, u get whole info but in linux I donít know how can I do that? I mean that commands!!

    Iíll appreciate if anybody can help me and describe me my problems.


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    lets do the first question first.

    There is a file called /etc/inittab (not sure if it has one or two "t" in the middle). In this you will see that you are put into run level 5 . This is the gui runlevel. If you change that to runlevel 3, you will be left at the text logon screen at boot up.

    To get into the gui from there you can do a number of things.

    1) "telinit 3" followed by "telinit 5" (this will push you into run level 5.
    2) "startx"
    3) "gdm"
    4) "kdm"
    5) "xdm"

    there must be more but i can't think of them.

    I've got to go now, so I'll leave the other questions to someone else.


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    Another way: using xinit. But I prefer startx. The default session in X is TWM if you haven't set up anything but that is easily fixed like this:

    If you want to run KDE (type it as a normal user):
    echo exec startkde > ~/.xinitrc
    If you want to run gnome:
    echo exec gnome-session > ~/.xinitrc
    If you want to run fluxbox:
    echo exec startfluxbox > ~/.xinitrc
    And, yes, you can install windowmanagers/desktop enviroments later on if you want to.

    You can possibly show images in text mode by using a framebuffer-image viewer, I dont know about one other than the browser links2. There is a lot easyer to listen to music in text mode, use "mplayer" (preferred, but useally not installed by default) or just "play" the songs. Mplayer supports WMA, MP3 and such perfectly.

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    And for question 3, wvdial is the text-mode dial-out configuration program:
    I think that you will first need to edit the file wvdial.conf:

    If you can connect to your ISP, then you can use either lynx or elinks to browse the web.
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