I have just installed SUSE 9.1 personal but am having some hardware problems.

1. When I try to run some games/screensavers/programs it says I don't have 3D acceleration or nothing happens. I have a 3D Connect Radeon 9550 card. I have tried downloading and installing a 'Catalyst' driver of the ATI website, however in the YAST install/remove programs list it has a padlock symbol next to it and the programs still don't run??
Do I need to install different drivers? and if so where can I get an .rpm file version.

2. I am with Tiscali broadband and am using the Sagem F@st800 USD ADSL modem. Under modems in YAST it recognises that the modem is connected however I think I still need to install the drivers. I downloaded these of the Sagem website but they are .tar files. How are these installed? Also under service providers when trying to set up an internet connection it asks for a phone number, the Tiscali broadband number is 0,38. Yast says there should not be a comma, am I setting it up correctly?

I know there is a lot here but help for any of these points would be much appreciated as I really like the Linux OS and would like to eventually phase out using Windows all together but it is a bit difficult with no internet connection !