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    how to check if Xserver is running


    I would like to run a few commands that require an Xserver, I was wondering how you check if an Xserver is running?

    also what is a good free windows Xclient?

    I am running Redhat Enterprise linux AS 3.0



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    Try "startx"
    It might tell you that X is already running, then try Ctrl + Alt + F7
    If that doesn't work, you will need to install X and a Window Manager.
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    Check if X is running:
    ps -ef|grep X
    Xserver for windows, I beleve you can use one with cygwin.

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    thanks its running.

    my next question is, say I go on the monitor that is directly attached to the linux box and type redhat-config-network it gives me a pretty litlte box that is gui,

    is there a way to get this same pretty box from a windows computer connected via ssh? I know putty connects via ssh but i can't do gui at all.

    at work we use Reflections X for hp and we can do this but I don't have reflections and I think reflections only does telnet


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    There is a liveCD named XliveCD that will let you run X programs from within Windows:
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    this software will allow you to do this:

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