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    tar.gz file with password

    # tar cf file.tar file
    # gz -9 file.tar
    that's the command when compressing file to tar.gz format but it CAN NOT archieving file with password, not like when i used winzip or winrar in windows os. so, how to compressing file to tar.gz format but with password.

    and how to do it in tar.bz2 format (compressing file to tar.bz2 with password) ?

    thank for the help

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    gz isn't a command on my computer, though it might be on yours. To gzip a file do
    $ gzip file.tar
    and to bzip2 it do
    $ bzip2 file.tar
    There shouldn't be a password required to compress a file.

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    It seems like you're trying to encrypt the archive with a password. Try-
    gpg -c <file_name>
    gpg should ask you for a passphrase (aka password).
    To decrypt->
    gpg <file_name>.gpg
    Again gpg, will ask you for a passphrase to decrypt the file.
    Oh, and to make .bz2 files try
    tar -cjvf <output_file> <input_file>

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    Oh, oops, I forgot about the password thing.

    /me runs and hides

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