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    Broadcast routing

    I have two networks (for exaple and how i can redirect broadcast packets from each to ecach network ? Sorry but using WIN`s impasible ......

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    broadcast doesn't go outside your subnet. Can't be done without crazy(read wrong) routing rules. And even then I don't know if it can be set up.
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    Why exactly do you want to do this?

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    There is a kernel config option called "Multicast routing". I haven't examined it any closer, but maybe it can be configured to do what you want.

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    well anything that conforms to the standards will not forward a broadcast - that can bring network/servers to their knees in notime with traffic (and some more complicated issue) - hence wassy's comment about "wrong" rules.

    Now having said that you can of course DO it, just remember that we told you not to - you can seriously mess things up - and make 100% certain if you do it, it stops at your gateway out - or you will really get on people's nerves

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