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    how to copy files from a VCD?

    If i try to copy a file from vcd to hard disk, it gives me error:

    unable to read from
    All other types of CD's work fine.

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    What commands did you use?
    Have you tried other vcd's?

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    through konquerer... its happenin with all VCD's i have...

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    i'm getting the same error when trying to copy files from a vcd to my local disk. I tried in terminal as well, but same deal,..
    cp: reading `/media/cdrecorder/mpegav/avseq01.dat': Input/output error

    Any thoughts?

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    or as an example
     mencoder vcd//:2 -oac lavc -ovc lavc -o filename.avi
    Just a Newbie....Looking 4 Info....

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    Post It works for me thru vcdxrip command and cdfs packages

    It works for me thru vcdxrip command and cdfs packages
    1)1st install vcdimager packages from d distro cd/dvd or
    download from d internet (search thru
    rpm -ivh vcdimager<version>.rpm
    mkdir 123
    cd 123
    vcdxrip -C /dev/hdd
    where /dev/hdd is d cdrom drive; it is extracting
    ls -lh(see d size of file )
    avseq001.mpg avseq002.mpg avseq003.mpg ......
    for single file extraction see --track/-t option
    vcdxrip --help or man vcdxrip
    vcdxrip -pv -t 3 -C /dev/hdd
    2) search n download cdfs packages from d is available in d internet)
    1st install the package needed for kernel(uname -r) module building from d distro cd/dvd disk
    tar zxvf cdfs<version>.gz
    cd cdfs<version>
    if error comes while compiling try another cdfs<version2>.gz
    ls *.ko
    insmod ./cdfs<version>.ko
    lsmod | grep cdfs
    cat /proc/modules | grep cdfs
    mount -t cdfs /dev/hdd /mnt/cdrom
    ls /mnt/cdrom
    try copying thru cp command or graphically from /mnt/cdrom

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