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Thread: Webserver Speed

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    Webserver Speed

    Hey everyone,

    I am looking to build a webserver out of spare parts I have laying around my house. I was able to build a P2 400Mhz, 64mb RAM PC100 PC. It also has 3 hard drives. A 6.4GB, 3GB and a 1.7GB. I am trying to install whitebox linux on it. I was curious if these PC will run ok for a webserver.

    Currently, I will only have 2 websites on it. One gets about 150 visitors a day and the other is brand new and will be launch in a month or two.

    Also, the webserver will be running POSTFIX and be a mail server.

    Will this work or should I up the RAM at all? Is the CPU ok for the job?



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    little scimpy, i was able to run a webserver on a old dell, as long as your desktop envirment is light weight enough you shouldnt have any problems...

    pentium 166ghz
    32 ram
    700-800mb hd

    Currently im on a
    1500+ (900mhz) AMD Athlon
    128 ram
    250 GiG HD

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    Well would 150 visitors a day be considered light? theres no major downloading and the bandwidth is quite low.

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    ya i dont see that it would be a problem, downloading, now about that you wouldnt get to well performance and it might freeze up, i dont know... how fast is your line

    Edit: my freind is currently paying me 30$ a month for a cs server (32 slot) and i keep it as lag-less as possible, therefor im not hosting a web server

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    Yeah thats what I'm worrying about. My line will be good. I will be doing a Co-Lo with a friend of mine whos in a bank building. Hes got dual T1's and considering its a bank building its got generator backups. I don't want this server freezing up though. I'm looking on ebay for some upgrades .

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    ya if you just buy some more ram it should be good, but make sure you use a light wieght desktop envirment (or dont use one)

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    what do you mean by light weight desktop environment?

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    something like blackbox or enlightenment (or even WVWM)

    a desktop envirment that doesnt take up a lot of cpu/ram

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    ahhh ok. Well I would be putting on whitebox linux. It is what I am familiar with.

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    Actually if you're not using the box then don't even have X running.

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