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    tranfer files from windows to linux

    hi am looking for a bit of help . i need to tranfer files from my computer upstairs running winxp to my computer down stairs running knoppix linux

    i have both computers connected to the intenet through my router i know how to trancfer files from windows to windows but i dont want to keep swithing from linux to trancfer files then back to linux .so looking of away to tranfer from windows to linux and vice versa

    i have been using vnc with wine to control pc upstairs from linux machine but vnc does not allow you to tranfer files


    for any help

    i am a newbie at linux so bee nice

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    the most simple way to do it would be to run a basic ftp server on the windows box.

    you could also install putty on windows and ssh on linux then use scp to transfer the files

    alternativly you can set up samba on linux to connect with the windows share.

    why are you using vnc in wine? tightvnc for linux can connect to winvnc without problem.

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    cheers for you help m8 i have used Easy File Sharing Web Server on windows pc and can tranfer files from linux to windows with no probs m8


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    take a look here it shows you how to manualy mount the share and how to auto mount the share at boot time which can be useful.

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