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    a couple of questions involving gnome under ubuntu

    hello, it's been a while since ive been here, i first started tying to get used to linux when i installed suse on my main computer, after weeks of frustration with it i gave up for a few months, now i just got my new acer aspire 3000 laptop and i have ubuntu 5.04 on it.
    im ready to start exploring again and i was wondering if you all could help me out by answering a few questions.
    ubuntu uses gnome and i started to take a peak at the add remove program program which gives me the favorite part about linux, which is an easy interface in your desktop that give you acsess to a plethora of free programs, newho i started to install programs from this and after they were done i realised i have no idea they were being installed to, im used to shortcuts being all over my computer and the program files folder, so i dont know were the programs go or how to find them, and even if i did find out where they were my real question is how to get them pinned onto the applications menu with the rest of the programs.

    another question is, i use a program called mozbackup
    for my windows os's to distribute my firefox settings (passwords, favorites, cookies and extensions) to all my firefoxes, i was wondering if there was a linux equivelent and if i could get my windows firefox settings into my linux firefox. because as of right now mozbackup for linux isnt here, so ya, if anyone has any suggestions for a equivelant i would be greatful.

    another is windows networking, i read a little about samba, and i was confused as to what it is, is it a intergrated part of linux/ubuntu that alows you to conected to shared files in a windows network or is it a program that acseses your windows shared files for you?


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    Check this out, if you haven't already:

    Also I found that a lot of the programs I installed did not install where I thought they would either. However if you click on Applications at the bottom of the list you should see the word Debian, if you look through there you'll find that every program you install is listed and accessible from there also.

    peace V

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