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    Some Questions :]

    How do I run a script with the following codes on start up?
    su -

    Another question is how do I show every process that works?

    Another 1 is : How do I make groups of users with diffrent permissions and how do I change User's group? how do I change group permissions?

    Another 1 : what is the Kill signal, and why is it difrence from killall signal.

    Thanks alot, those will help me alot.

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    You probably want to add 'cables-start' to a scripts in /etc/rc.d, or alternatively call it directly in /etc/rc.d/rc.local

    I'd advise against starting gaim as root, you probably just need to add

    gaim &

    to your .xinitrc file (in your home directory).

    To show processes running, use the 'ps' command, e.g.:

    ps -ax

    You can control the addition of users and groups with the adduser script, and by editing /etc/groups and /etc/passwd.

    You can change user and group permissions with the 'chmod' command, and user/group ownership with the 'chown' command. You can change just the group with 'chgrp'.

    The kill command terminates a single instance of a running task - killall is a bit more indiscriminate...

    To find out about these commands, use the:

    man <command>

    statement, this pulls up the manual for the command, and should be your first port of call when you're working out how to do something. Try it with all the commands I've mentioned above.
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    you can also look at this excellent site on basic linux commands:

    for general help and info on the command line
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