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    software fan control

    hi there
    i would know if is possible setting the fan speed on a laptop.

    iam runnig an home coocked kernel 2.4.20 with acpi support enabled (and finally i can ear my laptop playing music),
    now the second problem is the fan alwais sound-speed rotating
    can I disable or set the speed of the fan via software:
    - accessing the bios?
    - through acpi functions?
    - something else?
    laptop is FIC 380 A
    my chipset is: Via Apollo pro 133A

    any suggestion is welcome

    and thanx in advance for response


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    look into lm_sensors. You need to patch your kernel, but I have it working relatively well. By working I mean it will tell me the fan speed, I don't know how to set it offhand, but that is another day.
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    I'm not sure if it's possible to set the fan speed. As far as I know, laptop fans are usually just wired to some solid state thermostat or something. Anything else is probably vendor-specific, so I suggest that you talk to your laptop manufacturer for info on their fan.

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    and on top of that you want to be careful messing with that - overheating is bad

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    ungh, tell me about it... overheating = anger issues

    i seem to remember seeing some commands to view fan speed and cpu temp... been tryin to find them for a while now, again...

    i have an hp zd8000 upgraded...
    3.4 ghz
    2 gigs ram
    256 video
    an 8x dvd rw drive that burns blank cds and dvds (by burns blank, i mean, once its done burning, the disc is blank)
    60 gig hdd

    and thats about it for stuff that makes excessive amounts of heat

    im lucky to get a good 30-50 minutes WITHOUT overheating
    i deal with it by leaving a window open...
    its december, average temps around 10 farenheit

    i would not suggest doing this, as it gets very cold, and it only doubles my uptime

    my suggestion, check your manual, crack it open, and dust it out
    i just found mine, but i dont have any paper to print out the sections that show how to dismantle it and im too lazy to go get paper...
    its like ten degrees out there!

    sorry for reviving this... stumbled upon it via google, wanted to reply, and didnt notice the post dates until i submitted

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