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    HELP: installing Windows XP on laptop with no cd/floppy drive woes :S

    I have a full install of Fedora Core 4 linux distribution on my laptop 1. I would like to create a PXE-network-boot using this laptop 1. How can I go about doing this?

    Then I want to use bochs (PC emulator?) and also a samba share of my CD rom drive? I want to boot up into linux on laptop 2 using PXE from laptop 1. Then run bochs and install Windows XP. Laptop 2 does not have a cd rom or floppy disk drive.

    Does anyone know how to do PXE on linux? and boot up from it remotely?

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    All of them are very hard and most are out-dated and don't work with current distros.

    However I found out Knoppix is automatically configured for PXE booting, so it's great!

    Just incase anyone else likes to know.

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    Follow the instructions at the site listed below.

    Hi, I just installed the PXE server on a laptop running CentOS4.2. It was fairly straightforward. Follow the step by step instructions at .
    It is a step by step, easy to follow instruction. I had installed CentOS4.2 with everything so I didn't need to install anything additionaly, but the instructions tell you what you need to install if you don't have it installed already. The instructions were written for Fedora Core 4, but worked perfectly for CentOS4.3.
    Hope this helps. I did a lot of Google searches and found many sets of instructions, most very convoluted and difficult. This one is easy.

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    i've always pulled out the hard drive and formatted it using a different machine so that it boots to a dos prompt. then create an i386 folder on that hard drive. copy the i386 folder from the xp cd to the hard drive. then put the hard drive back in the machine with no cd or floppy, boot to the dos prompt. and type
    cd i386

    it will then install xp from the hard drive.
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