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    Moving to PCLinuxOS

    I took the plunge and went for Mandrake 10.1 a few months ago, and so far its been great. However the problems i've been having are to do with mainly getting used to a new way of working, and learning commands etc, which isn't too bad, however the main reason I am switching is because i'm sick of Windows and its inherent security failings and crashes etc, as well as expensive software and the empire that is Micro$oft.

    Today, after reading a review, I decided to download PCLinuxOS LiveCD, primarily for a computer illiterate friend to try out.

    What can i say? After trying it out myself, WOW! It's just what i was looking for! The user guide did it for me, having read it, it explains in simple terms how it works, where things are, what they do, without going into too much detail about 'expert' use.
    At last i will be able to install apps without touching CLI, do things without having to consult a 'man' every 30 seconds and generally be less frustrated that I don't know much about Linux yet!

    I know other distros offer this kind of functionality, but i think for someone who just wants to move across to Linux from Window XP, with as little hassle as possible, PCLinuxOS seems to be one of the easiest solutions i have witnessed! I will also try out Xandros, but for now, what are peoples opinions on PCLinuxOS?

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    best of luck,glad you found a distro you like,but personally it was too restricted for me, like to get down & dirty with cli occasionally thats why i stuck with suse.

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    I haven't tried it myself but I've heard it's very easy to both install and use. Up till now, I've usually recommended SimplyMepis to friends who wanted to give linux a go, but I plan on trying out PCLinuxOS. One friend of mine was actually telling me about it (it's the first linux distro he's really started using day-to-day) and said it was very easy. It always feels nice to find something which works for you

    Though personally, I doubt I'll switch from Gentoo for a while...
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    Glad it's working well for you.

    PCLinuxOS has always been a bit of an oddity for me. I've tried several releases, 5 or 6 different times, on a couple different machines and can't ever get it to work properly, and it has always booted slow as molasses.

    That said, I've read where it works almost flawlessly for many of those who give it a go. I do plan to try it again at some point in the future, and with any luck, perhaps it'll be a successful venture next time around.

    In the interim, good luck with your new distro... hope it continues to work well for you and that you keep on enjoying it.

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    I like PCLinux as a livecd.
    But for installing to the hard drive, I didn't bother.
    It just seemed that everything would already be done for me.
    I am used to Gentoo/Sourcemage where I have more control over what is in the system.
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    I definately liked Xandros better than PClinuxOS but SimplyMEPIS has been my favorite among the Live/Installed distros (once i uninstalled the fluff i didn't want). Mostly just had Hardward detection issues with PCLinuxOS
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    I agree with Budman7, PCLinuxOS is Ok for a live CD but not really for a full install. Go for SimplyMepis instead, pretty simular but a lot more flexible.

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    I have been using PCLINUXOS for 6 months now and I love it. What's wrong with everything being done for you? Why can't you use CLI on it? I use it on two laptops. It even works great on my 266 /256MB laptop. If you like it, don't worry about what everybody else says. There's too much distrowars crap. If you like it, use it.

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    I think Craig sums it up best..."If you like it, use it"

    There are so many distros to try and many are in a "Live" format so no need to install to HDD. Don't like it? Ctrl-Alt-Del and it's gone!


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