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    Micro Bluetooth Distro, Help!

    I had a vision, it was a nice vision. Some would even go as far to say it was pretty.
    However! My hardware arrived in the post and I did not have the CF IDE slot as I stupidly presumed in my thin client. I instead had a disk-on-chip. Not the end of the world but hard to replace with one big enough to fit win98 onto.
    So I come to you guys in desperation.
    I need a good linux distro that does all of the following.

    Good interface not required, will be headless once setup.
    Recognises Bluetooth USB pen
    Can be configured to host its speakers over bluetooth.
    Plays audio through onboard speakers
    Installs via PXE
    Is less than 16mb in size (my hdd is 16mb)

    I know I am being pretty specific here but my original plan was just to put win98 onto CF which wouldnt have been hard at all.

    The second option was to put in a DOM but there is no power connectors.

    So my third and only option left is to try and complete the project using linux and the hard drive already present.

    As a side note however, it does already have winCE installed so if anybody knows how to bypass the network lookup and use it as a standalone machine then let me know.


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    Have you looked at linux from scratch? I don't know how small it can be though... The smallest I've seen are 50-60 MB.
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    Is this what you are looking for?

    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    If you are going to use a USB port anyway, could I be so bold as to suggest running the OS from a pendrive? I run Slax from a drive, and apart from being lightening quick, it has modules for just about anything oyu can think of. Also it is not the only USB ready distro by a long shot. Sorry - I usually hate suggesting (costly)hardware solutions but with just 16MB of memory. Check out Slax and see what you think...

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    I like the idea of USB booting, but I only have USB1.1 available. So it will be very slow.

    I like the idea of that bryan but its not what I am looking for.

    Slax is a very nice distro though. Just a shame about my limitted hard drive size.

    Any idea if the USB2 PCI card can be picked up by the bios?

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    Ive had another look at the system I have. I think the easiest thing would just be to somehow power the D.O.M. that I have.

    I see a bigger than average fan connector with 4 pins. Is this a fan connector?
    If it is, would anybody have any idea of the voltage on the pins?

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