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    This is a experimental project, and I need YOUR help.

    Okay, here is my plan.

    I work for the Anchorage School District, and we've got about 65 200mhz computers going out the door, into the trash can. Personally, I want to do something about this.

    We have servers at our school, which in turn hook up with the Anchorage School District (ASD) Domain. Each student or teacher, when they log on, the folder My Documents syncs with the ASD Domain. That way, when you sit down at any computer, your desktop and documents and such are ALWAYS the same.

    We deal with Macs and PC's throughout the building, all of which base off the same concept.

    So, i'm wondering, is it possible to take a certain Linux distro, and slap it on one of these machines, so that students will be able to log on, access their files, and still not be able to load a virus onto the network or do something drastic?

    Keep in mind, it would be nice to just run these distros off the CD drive, and not need to install at each individual machine, but, if I had to, I would do it.

    So, if i'm totally reaching, and if nothing like this exisits, then I guess I could just load DSL on all the machines, and they would only be "Internet and printing computers," they wouldn't hook up with the domain, or allow students to access their files.

    Keep in mind, these are middle schoolers, meaning 7-8th grade, 13-14 year olds. Anything too complicated, isn't really what we're shooting for.

    If all the software is free, that would be awesome. I also wouldn't mind setting up a sever, especially if it will go on a 200mhz machines.

    Thanks in advance for all the input, and hopefully someone will be able to give some helpful suggestions.

    Also, i'm new to Linux, but am great with computers, and am a very fast learner. Anything DRASTICALLY complicated is oaky, but the easy route is always perfered!


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    that would proly be fine, although installing dsl on them all might be a beter idea..

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