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    How do I connect to the Internet?

    I am using Knoppix and want to connect to the internet through ethernet lan.
    When I try to setup network card it asks dchp broadcasting. If I say yes it says failed. If i say no i dont know how to fill the forms it wants..
    Any help..??

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    If you are using a dchp internet connection, it should work if the lan module is being loaded. You will need to load the lan module if it's not being loaded at boot.

    If you are using a static internet connection, you'll need to enter the IP, gateway, broadcast, and nameserver addresses your ISP gave you when you signed up.

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    well actually i dont know what u r talking about....
    All i know is that i conncect using the university's lan
    and all i had to do under windows is give a mac-address.
    the university does not officially support linux or macs so i have to figure things out myself..
    can u take me step by step...
    I would really appreciate it...

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    The ethernet card should be loaded because on the init screen where it finds hardware it says network card detected etho. DCHP broadcasting (backgroundg).
    However as i said i cannot get connected.
    I tried to manually insert all the info it needed from what I could find from windows ip config/all.
    Since I had 4 addressed for dns i tried just with one then all, but i am not sure how to seperate one from an other( i used a comma first and : as a second try ...still no connection to the net though.

    Did i mention its a laptop??

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    If you want to use a GUI tool under Knoppix to configure your network setup, there should be an option for that somewhere in the menu. I don't have a Knoppix CD handy, so I can't say what, or where the tools are.

    If you want to use the command line to do it, here's a step-by-step guide for dhcp or static addresses that might help to get you up and running:

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    i already used the gui tool ....i put everything in it writes something (doesnt make sense to me ) and then tries to set up wirelles as well luck so far..
    this should be easier to do.....heeelllpppppp!!!!

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