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    Image Path reference problem (Absolute path) in Linux


    I am a JSP/Servlet developer.
    I am new to Linux server environment.
    I am experiencing a problem with Image Path reference in Linux server.

    My application (myapp.war) is running in Linux in the following path:
    The myapp.war is having the html,xml,jsp and servlet files.

    I stored the images in a different location. The reason is, the images can be frequently changed.

    I want to refer the above image in the <IMG> tag of the html file.

    If I give the <IMG> tag like below, the jboss servlet context is taking effect, i.e., the /opt/jboss-3.2.6/server/default/deploy folder.

    <IMG src = "/var/myapp_images/ABC/image1.gif">

    The image is not loaded from the particular location. It shows an empty area with red color x mark.

    But, the browser shows the address of the image as
    Image Type : Not available.
    Image Size : Not available.

    How can I refer the image which is in a different location?

    My Operating System is : Windows 2000.
    JBOSS3.2.6 is running in : Linux server.
    I am testing the myapp application in my Windows 2000.

    I have given the absolute path reference for image. But it is not taking effect.
    Anything needs to be configured / altered?

    Please help me to fix this issue.


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    Is your Linux server configured to allow access to the alternative directory?

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