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    I would like to run linux but failed: Part II

    OK, to remind you I got Pentium II, 198MB RAM, dual boot with Win2000Pro working in all aspects (net etc.), and working well.
    On my second partition I wanted to put Linux. Some of you guys (gals) gave me some suggestions, and here is where I am now:
    - I tried SUSE (too big/slow), Mandrake (a bit faster), Vector, Gentoo and Puppy. The last three are REALLY cute! And fast!!!!!
    - I have a serial mouse (very old PC, mind you so my mouse is hooked up by this funny cable) that works ONLY on SUSE. No other distro sees my mouse! That makes it of course rather difficult for me to work (I am a mouse man after all
    - I have a NE2000 NIC (working PERFECTLY in Win2000) that is NOT recognized by ANY distro. They just don't see it? My ifconfig loops back and ALL distros say- no network card detected!!!! Now, this is a real bummer because otherwise the three small distros that I mentioned I really like but if I can't get on the net, well...

    I googled around and it seems that there should be no problem with my NIC and the mouse is supposed to be recognized no matter what. In Puppy (or Gentoo- don't remember) I managed to activate the icons with my keyboard and tried to change mouse settings that way but to no avail.

    So, anyone out there willing to share some ideas with me? My kids laugh at me at this point so you understand what;s at stake here...

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    I don't mean this as a slam, but it sounds like your hardware is really old. That's ok because I have some ancient boxes too. You're just gonna run into difficulties trying to run old hardware with brand new distros. I'd be willing to bet XP won't see and configure your mouse or nic either. You'd likely have to look for drivers for them and some hardware is so old there just aren't any available for newer O.S.'s. The point I'm making is that it is unreasonable to expect any O.S. to include drivers/modules for ALL hardware. There comes that point where distro maintainers have to make decisions to exclude older drivers to make way for newer ones. Also, with the ever changing state of the Linux kernel (for the better), many older modules become deprecated. If I were in your situation, and was determined to get a Linux box going, I'd do one of two things. Find a newer computer to run a newer distro or run something like Mandrake 9 or RedHat 8 on the older box. With a newer box and newer distro, you're likely going to have a much more pleasurable Linux experience.
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    Yep ... Trying to get that lot working is a bit like putting lipstick on a pig. I think you need to invest in some new hardware or be forever in the land of the Linux-less.

    I also think the best network card you can get for Linux is a 3Com. I don't know if NICs rely on firmware, but it's always possible that there's a software component built into your network card for which there's no Linux support.

    You can get a 3Com card quite cheaply. Don't know the cost in dollars, but in sterling my card cost 35 and works so well it's invisible ... if you know what I mean.
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