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    Bootloader adjustments

    I have Xandros installed which controls my primary bootloader, i can choose to load Xandros, Mandrake, or MSWindows -

    If i choose MSWindows, the default windows bootloader appears, allowing me to choose from Windows XP Home/Pro/2000.

    All I want to do is adjust the timeout function for the windows loader (currently at 30secs)

    Before I make adjustments to the Windows bootloader I wanted to check if anyone knows if I make changes to it, will it overwrite the current Linux one?

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    That depends if the windows one is installed to MBR or at the beginning of the windows partition...

    Another possibility is to add the different windows versions in the primary bootloader, and disable the windows one (I dunno how to disable it, nor how to change the time-counter with the windows one, but if you could find out if xandros uses grub or lilo, we could help you add the different windows entries to the xandros bootloader)

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    To change your windows bootloader options, type msconfig, and go over to the boot.ini tab. The timeout box should be on the right. I'm not sure if it's possible to choose between different Windows installs from grub, unless they're each on a different partition. And since Windows only changes the file BOOT.INI on your hard drive, it shouldn't overwrite your mbr. That is, unless you boot up into dos and type 'fdisk /mbr' or 'fixmbr' depending on your version of Windows. But you won't do that, now will you?
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