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    Copying file from Windows to Unix machine.

    Hi all,

    I want to copy a file from Windows machine to a remote Unix machine.
    I have already used ftp for this.
    Using rsh and rcp is a bit insecure because of .rhosts and hosts.equiv files.
    And to use sftp and scp, respective servers need to be installed and running (ftp comes installed by default).
    Is there any other way to do so.

    Also i want to schedule this file from my windows machine. Yeah i can do tht using telnet once the file is copied. But I want to do it using a batch file.

    Help please.

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    Your linux machine should already be running sshd so it is ready willing and able to receive files via scp or sftp.

    Download the putty ssh client for your windows machine, there is a pscp and psftp utility you can use to copy files from your windows machine to the remote Linux machine in a secure fashion. ( the extra p in the names is for putty )

    Putty Download

    Putty SCP docs

    Putty SFTP docs

    you do NOT want to be using telnet to remotely access that box. telnet is very insecure, as all your login and password information passes in clear text, so if you su to root over telnet, then you just sent your root password over the wire in plain text... OUCH.. Shut telnet off ASAP and switch to ssh for all your remote communications and file transfer needs.

    Putty does allow for batching commands for task automation so you will just need to get your scripts all together and schedule them.

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    And for good measure, here's WinSCP as well.

    It's a nice little OSS client if you have Windows cohabitants you wish to share files with.

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