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Thread: The tar command

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    The tar command

    I know this is a newbie forum but this is still kind of embarrassing.

    I've read the man and --help pages - but either I don't understand them or I can't find the answer or I am completely thick (probably the latter).

    I am trying to tar a big directory.
    It's about 80Mb of web folders, scripts, web-pages etc.

    When I try to tar the folder, I get an error

    Error exit delayed from previous errors.
    So, I'm trying to get the data into a log file.
    To which end, I'm typing this....

     tar -zcvf destination.tar.gz myfolder>fred.log>fred.err
    but I'm getting the same error...

    Also the log file doesn't tell me where the process went wrong - or what the errors are.

    Error exit delayed from previous errors.
    The problem is.... the files go flying past my screen so quickly - that I can't see where the error occurs.

    Is there a way of 'trapping' the error?
    Is there a way of getting the error into a log file perhaps?

    Any help appreciated

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    tar -cfzv <tar file name> <directory>
    Edit: to send output to a file, use
    tar -cfzv <tar file name> <directory> > ~/error.log

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