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    Groups, Users, and File Permissions

    Can someone direct me to a really nice tutorial that would take me step-by-step through using and modifying Groups, Users, and Permissions?

    For example, I just finished figuring out why I couldn't use "su - root" from my "users" account. It was because the account wasn't a member of the wheel group. That's not exactly intuitive. Another problem I'm facing is trying to create files and folders in my home folder. I can't write anything. Obviously I'm either not a member of another necessary group, or I have to adjust the permissions of the home folder. I know I'm going to come across other problems, so I think something that will help me more than anything is to just read a good tutorial. Or even, a manual that describes each group-- abilities and uses.

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    You want to take a good look at "chown" (for ownership) and "chmod" (for permissions).

    Look the man pages.

    For example, if my username is "mastah", and the folder is "folder", doing
    chown -R mastah:mastah folder && chmod -R 700 folder
    will recursively change the ownership recursively on "folder" to user "mastah" of group "mastah" and change the permission to read/write/execute for user "mastah", recursively as well.
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    You can often find good information by doing a Google search through their Linux groups an including the word "howto" like so: howto permissions

    Default settings for groups and users seem to vary some from one distro to another: some put regular users into group audio, some don't; some create a user directory under /home/ and some don't. So you either need to know how to check that the settings are right, or you need to know the policies for your distro. There are a couple of topics at this link that may be of interest.
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