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    Speedtouch USB modem, Slackware

    Okay. I'm new to the world of Linux - I haven't a clue, BUT I want to move away from Windowz cause I'm bored with it. I want to move into Linux because I want to develop skills in more than one OS... If you know what I mean.


    Pentium 4 1.8 Ghz Processor.
    1GB SD RAM.
    Nvidia Geforce 5500 256MB Graphics card.
    20GB Hard drive for Windowz.
    80GB Drive for Linux and other stuff.

    Thompson/Alcatel Speedtouch USB Modem.
    AOL Internet Connection.

    That's what I have...

    I have myself a copy of Slackware 10.1, which my friend gave me after he decided he didn't want it.

    So the problem -

    How do I set up Linux (Keeping a copy of Windowz XP or Windowz 2003 server enterprise edition), and how do I get the internet connection set up?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    - Joe

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    google is your friend

    how to here
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    i used to have windows 98 and xp on my one machine i just partitioned it but i dont know if it will work with linux

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    In all situations where you partition a hard drive and add new O.S.'s there is always a good chance of something going amiss. That's why it's vitally important to have back up copies of all you important files. Have them burned to disk so even if you screw something up, you can just re-install windows again, and then your files.

    By no means comprehensive, but here's some things to remember...

    * Backup files before doing anything.
    * Always do a thorough defrag of Windows before resizing as files at the end of your partition can get whacked off, gone forever.
    When creating partitions for Linux, you'll need a root partition or /, a /home partition and historically a swap partition. Since you have a gig of RAM, I don't think you really need a swap but the call is yours.
    * Be thoroughly aware of what you are doing with your partitioning utility. Do you have Parition Magic or something similar?
    * It appears you have plenty of room for Slackware so, since it's your first time, install everything installable.
    * You must have patience to learn Linux. At times it will be bewildering and frustrating, but persist and you'll eventually get it. Trust me, if I can learn Linux, anyone can,
    * Give yourself as much time and patience to learn Linux as you gave yourself when you first learned Windows.
    * Explore and have fun!
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    Thanks for the suggestions - I will let you know if I have any more problems.

    Thanks again.

    - Joe

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    Re: Speedtouch USB modem, Slackware

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Gillard
    Okay. I'm new to the world of Linux - I haven't a clue, BUT I want to move away from Windowz cause I'm bored with it.
    Thats what happened with me! personally, i wouldnt start off with slackware as it is quite difficult to use as a first distro. If i were you, i would try something different (like ubuntu) first to get a taste. i wouldnt dive straight into slackware first thing though.
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