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    mkisof/k3b/gnomebaker, etc. refuses anything over 4GB?

    Hello, I recently downloaded a backup for a movie I own. It came as a .avi file but now I want to burn it to a DVD. I own the movie but my friend borrowed it and I dunno when he's going to get it back to me (to be honest, I think he broke it or lost it). So I encoded it with transcode to make a video file (m2v) and an audio file (ac3). I then used an app to turn both of those files into an .mpg, now the final step before burning is to make it an image file. mkisof, and any other app that turns it into an image file refuses to convert these files. The largest file is the video file, 4.3GB and the audio file is around 200MB so all together it's around 4.5GB. The limit seems to be 4GB for some reason, prolly to reduce piracy and such..

    So in K3B I can't just burn a straight mpg, for it gives me something like "The file is over 4GB blah blah", and in mkisof it just tells me that the file is too big (doesn't tell me that 4 gigs is the limit like K3B does). So what's the solution here? Do I encode the video again but split up the video files? Are there any tweaks to allow mkisof and the other apps allowing me to write up to 4.7GB for a DVD project? Thanks.
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    I don't have a good answer to this question but I've heard that certain filesystems don't allow processing of files larger then a certain amount (it might be 4 gig. What filesystems are you using. I think the one with the problem was ext2 or ext3. Not sure though.

    here is an answer though. I just looked this up because I remembered something about mkisofs being able to split files and lo and behold it can.

    Split the output image into several files of approximately 1 GB.
    This helps to create DVD sized iso9660 images on operating sys-
    tems without large file support. Cdrecord will concatenate more
    than one file into a single track if writing to a DVD. To make
    -split-output work, the -o filename option must be specified.
    The resulting outout images will be named: filename_00,file-

    to see more about this. man mkisofs
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