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    CItoh 5000 Pinter Driver for Linux?

    Hello everyone. The company I work for, which is currently running a prioris server with SCO Openserver 5, (sad, I know) is considering upgrading to a new machine running Red Hat Linux Enterprise Edition. My first of many problems yet to come is this, we have CItoh 5000 line printer that the company we are/may be contracting with, says they will not support, but they said if I could find a driver for it they would install it. (I'm sure they don't expect me to find one)

    Where if anywhere would/should I look to see if one is available.
    Note: I work for a For-Profit company and have no problem with paying fair market price.

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    as it's a line printer it should be supported under red hat

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    yes if its a serial printer and is limited to ascii charicters then it will probably work
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    A little more info.

    When I first encountered this printer I hooked it up to where the existing line printer( making sure the printer was set to the proper emulation, baud and whatnot) was just to see if I could make it work, this was with the SCO Openserver 5 system, and nothing. The wierd thing is I then enabled the port it was on, and it printed the logon screen. So there doesn't seem to be anything phisically wrong with the printer.
    I was using the standard lp command, not trying to use the UBL software that runs our system, though I'm almost sure it uses the same thing.

    Now maybe I am speaking too soon and it will work flawlessly with Red Hat and their( the company we are contracting from) software.

    I'm just just posting to make sure im not missing anything stupid im not thinking of.

    Oh in case you wondering this is the emulation the printer supports. Don't know if SCO supports it or not.

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    well download centos and make a test box, hook the printer tothe test box and test it.
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