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    Question Burnind CD unreadable for win

    I have a need to burn CD (using Linux, of course ) that will not be readable for windows.
    If it is of importance, I have Mandrake 10 PowerPack.

    Thanks for help

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    I don't know exactly what you want to do and what type of CD you want to burn, if it is a normal data-CD you can do this by either encrypting the data and have the encryption key on your Linux machine so that it can't be read by a Windows computer without the key.

    Otherwise you can use ext2 as the filesystem for the CD. Because Windows does not have any support for ext2 it won't be readable from Windows unless you use a program that can read ext2 filesystems.

    To create a ext2 CD you first have to create a blank image with dd:
    # dd if=/dev/zero of=myimage bs=1024k count=650
    then should format the blank image with the correct filesystem ( in this case ext2)
    # /sbin/mke2fs  -b 2048 myimage
    Then mount the image with
    # mount -t ext2 -o loop=/dev/loop1 myimage /mnt/myimage
    first you have to create the mout directory, in my example it is "/mnt/myimage" wich can be created with "mkdir -p /mnt/myimage".

    Now, when the blank image is mounted you can g on and copy over the files you want to have on the CD to "/mnt/myimage". When youre done copying over the files just unmount the image:
    # umount /mnt/myimage
    Now you can bur the myimage file with your preffered burning program as cdrecord or k3b.

    There might be a easier way to do this, but I'm uncertain if it works. If you want to test it you can do:
    Create a 600MB ext2 partition and mount it (in this example /dev/hdb3 is the ext2 partition):
    # mke2fs /dev/hdb3
    # mount /dev/hdb3 /mnt/myimage
    Obviously you'll need the "/mnt/myimage" directory to use the exact code in the example.
    Copy over all the things you want as before and unmount it as in the first way. Now you can create a CD-image with this command:
    # dd if=/dev/hda4 of=/tmp/myimage.raw
    Now you have a CD-image that you can burn.

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    I wanted to copy some files to a regular data cd
    I'll try what you suggested, thanks

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