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    Please help with modprobe to use joystick

    A couple days ago I bought a Logitech Attack 3 usb joystick.
    There's a testimonial that it works ( and it's a pretty common basic joystick so I imagine it should work without too much cursing.
    Nonetheless the dang thing isn't working (The joystick works fine, just not with my setup).

    I'm having problems loading modules into the kernel. As far as what modules are necessary, I'm going by the explanation on the following website:
    as well as explanations I've run into in forums and so on.

    So I want to load modules input.o, joydev.o and perhaps others.
    The following works fine: root@computer#modprobe joydev
    However, the following does not: root@computer#modprobe input
    I get the error message: "FATAL: Module input not found."
    This seems really strange since both input.o and joydev.o exist and are located in the same directory (/lib/modules/2.4.27-2-386/kernel/drivers/input/). Why does modprobe recognize the existence of one but not the other? I've spent a lot of time searching about this error but no luck.

    lsmod shows that input.o is in fact not loaded.
    Any ideas on how to get input in there or how to get a joystick going in general would be greatly appreciated.

    my system is an Averatec 3360-EG1 (1.6 GHz 512 MB) using
    Debian stable kernel 2.6.8
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    aaaah... wait a minute. Maybe I should get rid of kernel 2.4 cause I don't use it anyway. input.o exists for kernel 2.4, so that's why I could find it, but in kernel 2.6 I don't see it. It must be called something different in kernel 2.6. I should've learnt by now you should never argue with a computer. Well hopefully it'll work now, we'll see.

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    Okay, despite that I'm finding it really hard to come across any documentation about what modules I need to load to get a basic usb joystick going in kernel 2.6. Can anyone tell me?

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    What distro are you using ?

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    Debian 3.1 (stable)
    kernel 2.6.8 on an i386
    Does that help? If there's any missing info let me know. I still haven't figure this one out.

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    Can you check the contents of modules.conf and make sure everything is allright ?
    Also, if # modprobe input don't work try using insmod. insmod needs the complete path to the module input.ko or input.o whichever is the case (I never used a debian system).
    If insmod fails then ouput from insmod might provide some helpful clues.

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