Hi community,

I'm trying to set up a most friendly Linux for adding up a public computer to an old, traditional tavern of my family. I want to enable wildcard-strings without asterisk (*) in the Search Program of KDE/Konqueror (you can set up Ctrl+F to pop up the search panel inside of Konqueror). Most of my Users will come from a Typewriter- or Windows-like point of view, so they will type in "blah" when trying to find "letter-to-aunt-blahblah.odt".

The manual wildcard-option, enabling strings like "document*blah*", may be of use for an admin (looking for some needle in the haystack of /-directory) but my custom got their [Downloads, Documents, CC-Musik]-Homefolder and just want to use their few files.

The average guy will not consider using the asterisk (default content of the search bar) for precising their own look-ups so he won't find his files and comes to the conclusion: stupid linux, I want my windoze.

Of course I will provide a short User-Guide (some 12 pages incl. pictures) but I can't expect everyone to read it AND to find the line hinting the manual use of wildcards.

My greatest achievments in terms of programming where some funny ASCII games on the good ol' Casio CFX 9850G and a simple change in the keyboard controls in one linux game.

Well how can I enable automatic-wildcards in KDE File Search?
I would sincerely appreciate any given help.

P.S. I will try to mold that setup (Kubuntu + many config-changes + 33 programs (replacing some default ones) + maaaany games) into some kind of setup-cd and I will upload my little manual (FDL) for betatesting before long.