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    Ubuntu and the bootloader

    After a long stint away from Linux, I just installed Ubuntu, and, for my parents sake, I want Windows to load automatically unless the user tells the computer to do otherwise. So where in Ubuntu can I change the bootloader settings so that Windows is the default OS for X amount of seconds (probably 5 in my case)? I've used SuSE 9.4 but it was giving me grief, so I'm experimenting, and I need help again. :P


    EDIT: So I just installed Zenwalk, and now Windows is the default OS, which is good, but now Ubuntu doesn't appear on the boot list (Zenwalk and Windows are the only ones on the list). How can I make Ubuntu appear on the list? Finally, I set a root password for Zenwalk, but I don't remember my user name or login password. Where and how can I change/make a user name and password for Zenwalk?

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    I am assuming Zenwalk is using LILO as its bootloader, the steps for GRUB are a little different.

    First make sure your ubuntu partition is mounted (see below), say at a directory /mnt/ubuntu. Note the path of the vmlinuz* and initrd* in /mnt/ubuntu/boot.

    Now edit the file /etc/lilo.conf under zenwalk as root and add to the end -

    image = /mnt/ubuntu/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.12-9-386
    initrd = /mnt/ubuntu/boot/initrd.img-2.6.12-9-386
    root = /dev/hdb1
    label = Ubuntu
    Replace image and initrd with the values corresponding to the contents in ubuntu's boot directory. Replace root with the partition name of your ubuntu partition.

    Now run lilo and reboot.

    Regarding the username thingy, look at the /home directory or /etc/passwd file to see what could be your username, and run passwd <user> to reset the password.

    To mount your partitions, first check the output of fdisk -l to see which are the names of your linux partitions, there will be a couple of them. One of them (most probably the first linux partition listed) will be your ubuntu partition.

    Create a directory and mount as follows

    mkdir /mnt/ubuntu
    mount /dev/hdxy /mnt/ubuntu
    replace hdxy with the partition name you get.

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    So the steps you showed me. As far as I know I can't access my Ubuntu partition, and I can't log in to my Zenwalk partition. Can I do those steps without having access to either partition?

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    what do you get when you try and boot? What is displayed on the screen? I ask as I'm not sure if you have lilo or grub sitting on your hard disk.

    If it's grub, then check out the tutorial section for a howto get around this.


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    I currently have Lilo loaded into my MBR.

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    First try booting into Zenwalk by typing "linux 1" at the lilo prompt. This should get you to the single user mode, and you can perform the steps.

    If that doesn't work, you will need some sort of linux boot disk. The zenwalk installation cd should work here. If it is anything like the slackware cd, you will get a command prompt mode from where you can mount your ubuntu and zenwalk partitions.

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    When lilo boots, I have the option to use the arrow keys 'up' and 'down' to choose Windows XP or Zenwalk. At this screen, do I just type 'linux 1' on my keyboard while the clock counts down til it auto-boots Windows?

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    Allright, forget that for now, from your post in the other thread you mentioned that you set the root password during installation. If you remember that, just login with user name root and that password.

    If not, just use the installer cd to perform the task as I mentioned.

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    OK, I'm now in Zenwalk, however the resolution seems a bit off. The text is easily readable, but it's not as crisp as I would like. How can I correct this?'

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