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    I'm a total novice, but even I had not too much difficulty installing Suse on the same drive as Windows originally. It's all done for you, so there's no need to worry. IMO, it's all perfectly safe.


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    I second brother_mick's post. This is exactly what I did when, for reasons I have now forgotton, I decided to give Linux a try.

    I even purchased a second "lowend" PC for further Linux "fiddling" which only cost 50. So now I have my XP box, a 1GHz PIII running Suse 10 and Mandriva 2006 across two drives and an AMD K6 running XP and Redhat 8.0

    So plenty of scope for messing about with Linux but no risk of losing any important files from my XP machine.



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    dual boot

    I think i've decided to do a dual boot. I have a good PC that I have had during college (Dell, 2.4 GHz, Pentium 4) that I was thinking about using to play with Linux, but I'm running out of room in my house. It's pretty small, and between 4 people, we have 10 computers/laptops/servers. So I'm going to opt for a dual boot on my laptop for now and see how it goes. The good thing is that my bf (who owns most of the PC's) is pretty well versed in Linux and computers in general (he's a comp engineer) so if i run into trouble I'm not just SOL. My new laptop comes tomorrow... can't wait to start playing! thanks for the imput.

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    if you go for the dual boot system yoper is a great first distro with great speeds and can be burnt to one cd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weedman
    live cds aren't much chop for trying linux. All you have to do with them is put the cd in the drive and boot.

    really you should install a distro to your hdd and learn from that. Installing your first distro can be fun but it can be a nightmare. But at least you learn from installing it.
    I disagree. I am a bit of a newbie here, but live Cd's offer you a taste of what linux is all about. True, you can learn a lot more from installing a linux distro first, but I'd recommend using a 'live cd'. I would suggest Knoppix, or Puppy linux.

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    Forget dual booting,install Linux and forget about windows forever.You will thank yourself in the long run.Once you go *nix you will never go back.

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    If you want to be extra safe, i suggest installing it on a totally different hard drive (maybe a cheap 10 or 20 gig from your local comp store) It will get rid of the need to worry about partitioning wrong and accidentally losing data on your Windows partition.

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