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    before I turn into a "if only linux did this..."

    Ok, so I don't know much about Linux. I am intrigued at the stability of it, the power of it, and that it is free and I would no longer have to pay for software. I have been thinking about installing it onto my new laptop. I want to wait until I'm done with school so I don't have any issues with opening files that I need from past semesters that aren't linux compatible. I am wondering though, if Linux would be wasted on me and I'll just turn into a "if only linux was more like windows..." I havne't ever had any issues with XP Pro. I use it constantly for school, using Microsoft Office, the web, Aim, Photoshop, powerpoint, etc... I'm not an internse computer person. The most "powerful" game i play is microsoft flight simulator, and I'm a pretty basic computer user. However, after only a few days into my training for tech support I am seeing that I am much more skilled than your average person. I am concerned about traveling with my laptop and then wishing i had windows for something, or needing windows for something.

    what do you think? should I convert or not?

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    Perhaps you should consider dual booting windows and linux to test the waters, especially if you suspect you might need windows only software someday (though off the top of my head I can't think of any examples). Searching for `dual booting windows and linux' here or on google will yeild a lot of results.

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    No one said you have to necessarily forsake all other OSes and "convert". Why not just try it out and see if it grabs you? A lot of us on this forum use multiple operating systems daily (yes, even MS Windows). I for instance game in Windows and program in Linux.
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    I'm probably still waaaay too much of a n00bie on here to be replying, but I installed Suse on my (this) pc a couple of days ago, and because I stuck it on a seperate drive, when I boot my machine, it asks me which OS I want to boot up.

    What I've been doing ever since is messing about in Linux til I become stuck then rebooting into Windows and logging on here to post my question or Google for an answer. I still can't figure out how to use my broadband connection or even configure my graphics card to run 3d apps in Linux (hell, I can't even figure out how to install stuff:drown: ) but I'm sure having fun trying. I suppose the dual booting option is like a safety net of sorts.

    Go mental with it - you won't regret it.


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    If you want to test out linux without actually touching your hard drives, you could grab a copy of Knoppix, or Feather Linux and try that out without the possibility of touching your important files.

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    live cds aren't much chop for trying linux. All you have to do with them is put the cd in the drive and boot.

    really you should install a distro to your hdd and learn from that. Installing your first distro can be fun but it can be a nightmare. But at least you learn from installing it.
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    If your attitude is that you are motivated and willing to learn something new (and be patient when you realize that even though you may be a Windows expert, you know very little about Linux at the start of it), then go for it.

    If you're feeling wishy-washy about it, and would just like a taste for now, then I second the live cd idea:

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    I only started linux about a month ago. I had the same concerns.
    You should have duel-boot. In case you decided that you totally hate linux, or if you have this really important project due tomorrow, you can always use windows XP. If you have never used linux before, it WILL take some time to learn it and get it to do everything you want it to do. Treat linux as a hobby for now, this way you are more likely to have an enjoyable experince.

    The people on this forum are very helpful, I don't think I could have done it without their help. I have not found anything I can't do with linux yet. Good luck.

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    I think that you had the wrong impression as well. I still have to boot into Windows to use Acrobat and my MP3 software. It just wasn't ported to my needs. But once you get down the basics, things will gradually get easier.

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    My entry point to the linux os was using a old pc I had in the back of the cupboard, doing it that way I didn`t risk messing up my working pc. If you have an old pc then that may be an option
    you could try.

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