Anyway, I just downloaded and installed Fox Linux, a derivative of Fedora, and it's pretty cool. The window manager (I think it's called) is KDE. Now, unfortunately, I have a few problems.

When I try to use FoXPowerUp, which allows me to install new packages, after putting in my username and password, I'm re-directed to a screen that lets me choose a package to install. For some reason, however, there are no packages to install. Now this is a relatively new distro, so maybe the packages are not available yet?

Also, I have this little hard-disk icon on my menu-bar that has an IP address on it, and when I tell the computer to remove it from the taskbar, it removes it, but then it comes right back. How can I permenantly remove it?

Next, If I try to add/remove packages, after entering my root password and picking groups of packages, it says "1.0" disk 1 needed to install packages. When I put in my only .iso disk that I used to instal FoX Linux, it was apparently the wrong disk.

When I click on System Settings -> Fedora System Settings -> Smart Package Manager, it says that 'Configuration is in readonly mode.' How can I fix this?

Those are my main issues with the OS so far, but it's nice otherwise. I really like it.