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    Server help (somewhat newbie)

    Ok, i have used linux before but not for anything like this.

    I want to use my linux box i have to run a teamspeak server and a website for my CS:S Clan. i have the Teamspeak server running along with the Apache server going fine. But what i want to know how to do (this is what confuses me), i want to know how to use a domain name instead of my IP.

    i want people to be able to type in my domain name e.g. in the teamspeak server window and have it connect, same with the http (i can get the http one working with the domain forwarding, but that doesnt work with teamspeak), i need to setup a nameserver for it to goto teamspeak also and i dont know what i need or how to do it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Also, im using the newest version of slackware

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    you can pay for a domain name if you want (like $10) or you can use a free one. is a site I have used for free ones in the past, works fine.

    take a look at for more info on name servers and the like
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    What you need is a DNS server to translate you want into your IP address. That's not as simple as putting a DNS server on your teamspeak server because the people you want to connect to your server (your clients) would need to know the IP address of your DNS server before they could do the lookup.

    What you need is a DNS server that already exists and can be found from your client's ISP, and if you have a dynamic IP you need one that can be updated easily and quickly. Happily will give you what you are after for free. Go to to read up on it. They offer hostnames in a selection of different domains for free, or you can register a domain with them for a fee.

    I've never used their service and there are a few suppliers available, so have a look around before picking a supplier.

    If you have a static IP and already have a domain you may be able to get your hosting company to point <something>.<your domain>.com to your host. Speak to them directly for that.

    Let us know how you get on.

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