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Thread: Arch Linux?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bryansmith
    Welcome to Arch Linux. It will be hard to change distros now .

    Don't worry, I use KDE too .

    lol..thanks. i really think this is exactly what i'm looking for in a distro: quick (i686 optimized), starts with a base install (you install what you want), good package manager (it even removes a whole program and its dependencies if they're not used by others...i like this a lot as i hadn't seen this feature before), quick installs (the reason i moved from gentoo...though i really do like everything else about gentoo but this), you can have a custom repository and it's fairly easy to setup (i set mine up within 5 minutes the first time i had attempted to), bleeding edge packages (a must have for me...i love having very very new stuff).

    overall, an excellent distro that i highly recommend. the install is fairly easy and straightforward and it seems really stable and gives you so much flexibility and speed.

    i like what you said about KDE too lol. i like KDE's completeness. it doesn't miss anything at all. the only complaint is that it is relatively resource intensive compared to other DE's and WM's and it does come with a few too many programs. but this is the trade off you'll get for getting a DE that comes complete with everything for the vast majority of people
    for simplicity/ease of use, you can't beat kde. it might not be the quickest, but it's really easy to have set-up and it has almost everything

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    Yeah, I just found out about complete removal (including unneeded dependencies). What a fantastic feature. It helps to keep things as trim as possible (bonus!). I need to read docs more often.

    I agree completely with the bleeding edge stuff. I want to try the latest and greatest.

    Good to hear that Arch is going so well and remember, there are some Archers here (me, ozar, jaboua and ethyriel to name a few...I know there are more) if you need Arch specific help .

    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    arch linux

    Hey, no problems here, either...

    My old, but fully updated Arch install was working fine, but to test the new release, I just did a fresh install from scratch with the new 0.7.1 iso and it went perfectly. Didn't have to look at the handbook at all, and it went without a single problem in about 25 to 30 minutes total.

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