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Thread: ATI Drivers

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    ATI Drivers

    I keep seeing people asking whether ATI or Nvidia is better with linux, and always i see that everyone reccomends Nvidia because they have better linux drivers. I currently have an ATI Readeon 9250, and it seems to be working fine, except it is very laggy when i move windows around. Techiemoe once said that you probably won't notice a significant perforamance decrease with ATI, unless you try using games, and other grafically intensive applications. However, do you all think that this lagginess is due to my blazing 333MHz proccessor, or is it due to a low quality ATI driver that came with Fedora Core? Thanks.

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    I'd say its both, but probally just video card. Just install the drivers and see if it helps. I have a FC4 machine with 2X6600 GT's and with the default drivers moving windows around and stuff is pretty laggy. But I installed the latest drivers and It helps.

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    Just curious, where to get the latest drivers, i though that they came with fedora core 4. I tried looking at the ATI sight and the linux link that it gave me, but i could not find linux drivers for my Radeon 9250.

    I found this website:

    and a review/tutorial on the isntaller

    but i could not find the acutual file that i am supossed to download.

    EDIT: I found where I can download version 8.14.13 (, but i don't know if it is the most recent one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    The latest version 8.20.8 off there site. You only need to download and run the installer. It can be run from Xwindows or the command prompt. Just follow the instructions on the screen.. its pretty straight forward.

    Far as the windows being laggy when moving them, that is probably due to the processor speed and im guessing low amount of RAM.

    I have always and probably will always choose ATI over nvidia.. I have always had good luck and quality with thier products. As far as linux support, I have all all-in-wonder cards and some are dual monitor and Ive gotten all of them to work with all of their features except the radio part of the 9600 but thats not really a concern for me. My games run just fine on them, only after hours of pulling out hair trying to get wine to work properly though.

    Really, like most things, it comes down to your personal preference.

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    I think the 9250 card has open source drivers that work better with opengl acceleration look for DRI drivers on google
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    Ok, i found a site where i can download the ATI driver,

    I think the 9250 card has open source drivers that work better with opengl acceleration look for DRI drivers on google
    If i install it and it makes my system operate worse, is it easy to uninstall, and replace with DRI driver? Also winter, are you sure that this driver does not work well with my card, i thought that it calimed to be compatible with all ATI series.

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    To switch between drivers you would need to simply edit the /etc/X11/xorg file and change the Driver line in the device section of it. Not sure about the opensource drivers for that but the ATI ones come with a uninstall utility.

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    Sweet. So if i backup my Xorg file, install the ATI driver, and get a problem so that i can't use X windows anymore, all i have to do is remove the new Xorg file, and replace it with the old one.

    If that is true, then given file 1 and file two, what command to you use to replace file1 with file 2, is it the mv command? so
    mv file1 /address of file2
    or is there an overwrite command? Thanks.

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    I logged into root to try to install these drivers, but it is saying "Permission denied." Can anybody explain this?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I just figured out the chmod command.

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