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Thread: D-Link Wireless

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    D-Link Wireless

    I use a D-link Wireless card currently (Running Windows) and I am thinking of switching to linux. Now keep in my mind, I'm a complete newbie to linux. Now my question is will my Wireless card still work once I switch to linux? And if this has been posted somewhere else then my bad.

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    I suggest you find the actual chipset name (should be visible under windows in the device manager) and do a google search for that and "Linux driver" - it'll probably tell you all you need to know. Remember, Google is your friend.
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    Duurr. Ha, sorry I should've done that first. Now anothr newbie question. With my search it lead me to this,, is that gonna work with Mandrake?

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    @ OP, I suggest you read through this post

    If you are certain your card uses the TI ACX100 chipset, it should work, but make sure as dlink have cards with the same name but with different chipsets. Also, once you are sure that your card uses the acx chipset, see the post I linked to for a site which has a nice and simple howto to get the card working under linux.
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    Now how would I determine if MY D-Link wireless uses the TI ACX100 chipset?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I should read before I post.

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    Do you know the exact model and version of your card? I believe D-Link has a list on their website of all cards that work under Linux, with pointers to get the drivers.

    If your card doesn't have native drivers, ndiswrapper would be your best bet. It'll let you use the Windows drivers in Linux.

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