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Thread: Ubuntu + X800

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    Ubuntu + X800

    i installed Ubuntu 5.1 64bit on my comp, everything was working normal till it came to booting up well the boot did finish but then when the login screen should come up it gave me an error message that said somthing with my graphic configuration is wrong.

    I was using an amd athelon 64 3000+ 1gb dual ram AND A Radeon X800.

    To get it to work i changed my card back to a X300 and then it could login and run linux fine.

    Any one know what i can do to make my Radeon X800 work with Linux

    -- O yeah the card is working i tried it on a diffrent machine

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    Are you referring to the graphical portion called Xwindows or the console?

    Could you post the exact error message it gave you, and if it is a problem with the graphical portion, posting your /etc/X11/xorg (or /etc/X11/XF86Config) would help as well.

    ATI also provides a driver for that card if you go to there site and navigate to the driver download area. It has instructions on how to install it.

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