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    mount cd in text mode

    alright ive been having some troubles with fedora 4 with my vid card

    i had to install fedora with text mode and then once installed i was still having some problems, so i have to update my ATI driver with text mode

    i'm in text mode, i have the driver on a cd

    what do i do next


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    Read the manual for mount,
    # man mount
    Normally you mount your primary CD-rom drive as
    # mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
    just make sure that the /mnt/cdrom directory exist. If not before running the above command, run:
    # mkdir /mnt/cdrom
    To execute the install binary you just enter the full path of the file as a command, for example:
    # /mnt/cdrom/ati-driver.bin
    After installing the ATi Driver you'll need to update your X -server configuraton. There should be a script for this, I think it is:
    # fglrxconfig

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    Running the ATI driver

    If you manage to mount the cd, then do this to run the ATI driver:

    cd /mnt/cdrom
    then do (I think you have to be root)

    once you finish the installation, you will have to do:

    This is a program that rewrites your Xconfig file based on a few input options. I found it a little complicated to run. Before you execute it you may want to backup your old Xconfig file, just incase you want to go back to your previous settings. To back up your old one, you can do this:

    [CODE] cd /etc/X11/ [CODE]

    cp xconfig.txt xconfig.original
    and if you want to restore it the old file:

    cp xconfig.original xconfig.txt

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    it worked

    thanks a bunch both of you

    especially tommaso who helped me out in the other thread!


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    I am glad to see that you finally encountered some success with linux.
    So once you installed the ATI driver, could you use X windows and see fedora in graphical mode, or have you not yet tried to intall the driver.

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    sorry for the delay to your question i was having some trouble with my password....bah

    as soon as the driver was updated everything worked fine, i was having trouble with other fedora stuff so i switched to mandriva which works really nicely for a noob like me

    thanks for all yur help tommaso!


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    Cool, it good to hear that you finally have a working system. Its too bad that Fedora didn't work for you. Well, i wish you luck with linux and i hope you will enjoy mandriva.

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