I come from a Win2k ISA Server background, so the concept of "iptables" is a bit foreign to me. I'm trying to setup an iptable firewall so that both our local network and remote networks can access the Internet. We tried to use the command line approach and were able to make the entries and changes quite easily, but we never could seem to get any packets through. We then used "Firestarter" to get the initial firewall setup and it seems to work fine for the local network, but the remote networks cannot access the Internet. We decided to try and make the changes at the command line but when we compare the Firestarter settings with the iptables settings they seem to be different. Can someone tell me if Firestarter is editing the iptable(s) or some other firewall file? Also, is there more than one iptable file and is it a file that can be viewed with a text editor? Any help would be greatly appreciated.