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    Killing X windows

    I know that init 3 is supposed to stop X windows, and init 5 brings X back up, but i can't seem to get those two to work.

    I type Init 3/5 and the command init is not found. Does init stand for some other command or do i have to type a directory before init (for ifconfig, i have to do /sbin/ifconfig) or perhaps do i have to be logged in with root account? Thanks.

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    Use su to become root, then try the command.

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    Init usually is located at /sbin/init and if you have to execute /sbin/ifconfig to run ifconfig that means you don''t have /sbin in your path. So you can either execute the full path all the time, such as:
    # /sbin/init 3
    or you can add it to your PATH. I don't know where the PATH is set up on your distro but it often is in the .profile -file in your HOME directory. Just add ":/sbin" to the end of the line that looks something like:

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    I tried su, and that didn't work. Now that i know that init 3 should be found in /sbin, then i will go ahead and try that out when i get back to my computer. And i might as well set the path too. Thanks for the help guys.

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