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Thread: Linux sluggish?

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    Linux sluggish?

    I am haveing a few niggling problems with my new linux installation, mepis. First of all,I better mention that the first distribution I tried to install was ubuntu, but the install froze at something about usb.rc, so when it came to running mepis I was very surprised when it said:

    checking usb support

    Surprised but pleased.
    Secondly the install took close to an hour, and whilst it was installing the the system was not responding at all. I couldn't move the mouse. Now I'm in an install, it is very sluggish. When it first boots into the desktop, the mouse is extremely sluggish and hard to control. Secondly, whenever I do anything mildly large, the system stops responging. i.e when extracting firefox, the system wasn't responding at all. This makes doing anything extremely difficult.

    This is my third ever install of linux, and all three times I have had a hard time getting it to work properly. I don't know why, but I am determined to have a good working installation of linux.

    So please tell me there is a way to speed things up, mepis is unusable like this, and my system specs are not to blame (amd 64 3200, 1gb ram,1gb swap,ati x800(squared))

    Thank you.

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    Pure guesswork, but it could be your ATI card. Support isn't all that good for Linux, but having said that you shouldn't be having so many problems. I have an ATI 9000, and while I won't be playing any graphically intensive games on it, it still works.

    How well supported is the chipset on your motherboard?
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    i installed mepis on a box with an ati board and it worked fine. does it do the same without X running? also this might sound weird but if you have an ethernet card do ifconfig eth0 down.

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