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    Ready to switch, question about backing up data on an external HD

    Hello all,

    After much hand-wringing and lurking around these fora, I've decided to completely eliminate Windows XP from my 3-year old generic (ECS) laptop and install the latest Ubuntu release.

    I currently use a Maxtor 3100 80GB external HD (NTFS, I believe) to back up all my important documents and files and would like to use this drive to transfer these files to my laptop after installing Linux. Has anybody had any luck getting a Maxtor 3100 to work in Linux? Will I be able to access and copy my files from the ext. HD even though it is NTFS?

    Thanks for the help!

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    I'm not familiar with your specific maxtor drive, however getting linux to recognize an external hard drive is (normally) as simple as with windows.
    and yes, reading from an ntfs partition is not a problem either. it's a different story with writing to ntfs though...
    so to answer your question, copying your files is ok, accessing as in modifying is difficult. if for some reason you want linux to write files on a windows accessible drive, you would have to create a FAT partition, on which both linux and windows can write to.

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    dcmah is correct about reading from the drive. As long as you only want to copy files FROM NTFS and not TO NTFS, you will be fine.

    As far as getting it recognized, I have never used an official external HD, but USB keys and my MP3 player (which is recognized as an external HD) require but a simple 'mount' command. I can practically guarantee you it will be simple to use it.

    As a test, boot up Knoppix (which is a Linux distro that boots from a CD), and see if you can recognize the drive from there.

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