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    Question How do you schedual tasks

    Hello all,
    I just got clamav up and working, which by the way runs great! Anyway, I would like to schedual it to update and run a scan on a regular basis. Surly there is a way to do this either built into clamav or built into Linux. I am using Fedora core 4, if that helps any.

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    you would have to add the script as a crontab entry. Im using debian, but I think it should be in the same location:

    edit /etc/crontab

    the setup is like this

    <minute_of_hour> <hour_of_day> <day_of_month> <month> <day_of_week> <user> <command>
    so, if you wanted to run clamav everyday at midnight:
    0 0 * * * root <path/to/clamav/script>

    or every wed at 5pm:
    0 17 * * 4 root <path/to/clamav/script>

    hope that helps

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    I tried editing /etc/crontab. I think it worked but I don't know how to tell. I don't get a print out on the screen so I don't know if clamav didn't find anything, or if it even ran. Is there a way for me to get this info?

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    You could make a test script that just echo`s some text and run that with crontab to assure your self that you can make it run.

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    I run KlamAV and it has a built in scheduler. Just goto the update tab and set the update virus DB automatically to however many times per day. below this is the date and time it last did an update

    This is running on the KDE desktop (hence KlamAV not ClamAV), if you a running Gnome or something else, it maybe slightly different. If you dont have a GUI front, check at Clam. I am pretty sure they have links to GUI's for most desktops, even windows.

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