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    Dual Booting and virus'

    If i have my computer running windows and linux, and if i get a virus that crashes my windows os, will it affect my linux? Is it possible for a virus to spread from 1 partition to another. Actualy, since most virus' arent linux compatable, does that mean that even if it could spread to my other partitions it wouldnt affect it? Well, the main question is, if windows goes down, does linux come too?

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    I would really doubt that linux would crash. The viruses/trojans/worms whatever you want to call them are programmed to damage winblows system registry.

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    No. Since windows can't "see" or write to the linux partitions, the virus code can't copy itself over. If windows crashes, you can still access the linux part of your system without any troubles.

    Yes, it is possible for a virus to copy itself to a different partition, but if the system can't "see" or write to that partition, then the virus can't copy itself over.
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    Probabaly not, but it is possible. If the virus contained disk partition/formating tools, then in might try to remove partitions and swipe your entire hard drive with linux on it. Although as far as i know, those sorts of viruses aren't very common.

    Moral of the story, if some hacker really wanted to, then i am sure that he could make a virus that killed both windows and linux. However, after he launched his virus, he would unhappliy realize the he just affected a mere .000001% of all computers, and he would go back home, and write a virus that is made to affect windows, and then he would contently fall asleep thinking that he will mess up a large protion of the worlds computers.

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