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    Question Concerns about what distro I should use

    I have almost decided to go with OpenSuse 10.0 though I have not yet completely decided if I should rule out a few other distros, mainly because of the PC I am using.

    When new it was average to good, and currently runs Windows ME *very, very* fast, and I wouldn't mind upgrading the RAM, as it is the one thing I think could be a problem with a modern distro as it is only 128MB.

    But, I don't really want to spend much, or shell out for any other upgrades, the other worry I have is the processor I'm using, it's clock speed sounds slow, but it really handles everything well at the moment. It's a Pentium 3 900Mhz.


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    That should be fine to run SUSE. If you want a lighterweight distro, you could try something like DSL, or Zenwalk.

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    If it handles windows me it can handle linux..especially linux with a gui like icewm. I have a 128 also and I installed Ubuntu on it with GNOME, didn't work that well, it froze a couple times.

    Check out vector linux

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    Both my linux boxes run Zenwalk, and my main box (an AMD 1.5 Ghz) boots with 50 MB RAM used . That is - Xfce with aDesklets, Conky, and Bfilter.
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    Don't worry about your clock speed. I am running Fedora Core 4 quite smoothly with a pentium II 333MHz. As for ram, you meet the minimum requirements for Xwindows + GNOME/KDE. If if were you i would go to the computer store/online store, and buy anouther stick of 128MB or even 256MB and add that to your system. Ram is cheap today so you will probably only spend like 50 dollars or less. Or you could just go ahead and install linux with what you have, and you should be OK.

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    suse is a great distro, but be aware that its extremely slow to boot. yast is also very slow. its not the speediest of distros at all. i've tried fedora, mandriva, and a few others, and suse is the slowest.

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    I'm having a PIII at 1000 mhz, and 128 mb RAM, and i'm running debian and work's just fine... Try it.

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    Ok, thanks a lot, I'll still get a little more RAM, maybe 256, great though, I'm *finally* going to go for it!

    I might go for Vector though, as I really don't want a slow system/boot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mindblast
    I'm having a PIII at 1000 mhz, and 128 mb RAM, and i'm running debian and work's just fine... Try it.
    ive got suse 10 running on my system thats kinda like yours. celeron 1.2ghz, 128mb ram etc.

    it runs ok with kde, but is REALLY slow when you are installing packages and doing something else at the same time. im going to see if i can get enlightenment dr17 for it. or if that doesnt work, dr16 or xfce.
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